P1 Helmet Full carbon

Jordi Torres Classic Replica

The NITEK P1 (Performance 1), born and bred on the track.

Thanks to rider feedback, the P1 respects all of the requirements for the most demanding rider that requires stability, proper ventilation, high-speed security, and anti fog high performance visor for extreme conditions.

Overall the P1 represents the excellence of research from years of American racing legacies. The conformation of the multilayer composit shell has been wind tunnel tested for high performance aerodynamics.

Light weight and equipped with air intakes that feature intuitive and ergonomic controls, the P1 offers excellent comfort even at high speeds thanks to the technologically advanced inner liner materials, that are antimicrobial removable and washable.

The high impact resistant Lexan visor with high quality optics is equiped with Anti-Fog Pinlock® inserts and outer layer “Tear Off’s” Ideal for professional riders and urban warriors.

As with the entire range of Nitek helmets, the P1 is manufactured in High grade composite fibers and is also available in full carbon which allows for everyone to see the attention to detail in the high end aviation grade carbon fiber used in the construction of this purebred racing helmet.